St. Bakhomios Hymns School Curriculum 2018-2019

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“…but be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in Psalms and hymns and spiritual praises, chanting and making melody in your heart to the Lord” (Ephesians 5:18-19)

My Beloved Children, the deacons of St. Mary, St. Bakhomios and St. Shenouda Church.  Peace of our Lord be with you, hoping you are all well, prosperous and successful in everything.

The hymns and the rituals of our true Coptic Orthodox Church, are the treasure of our holy fathers, which they kept to us over all generations, sacrificing their blood to keep for us the true Coptic Orthodox faith and practice of the Coptic Church rituals and hymns.

Over the years, I have been given time to teach the hymns to so many deacons, then due to the crowd of the service, I stopped for a while and now I feel the need, that it is a must to start again.

Firstly sincere thanks to our Lord that by His grace, we’ll be starting “St. Bakhomios Hymns school; to teach the very deep inspiring hymns of the church and along the way, teaching the rituals involved with those hymns.  In this school, I’ll be targeting teaching the deacons starting from year 11 school age, up to the old deacons together in oneness and unity. Let’s sit around the table of the richness of our spiritual church, learning, chanting, praising and praying.

These special lessons will be taught in room 7 & 8, which is the second floor of the Arabic church building every Thursday night from 8:30-9:30PM.  The curriculum is here in your web site in the above link for your information.

It is a must to fill in an enrollment form.  To do this, please contact Rev. Fr. Bakhomios Erian or Rev. Fr. John Sorial for the enrollment form and return it back to them by maximum Sunday 11/11/18.

With the grace of God, we’ll start the first lesson this coming Thursday 15/11/18.

See you all there to learn and benefit.

Please pray for the continuation of the service

God be with you all.

Very Rev.Fr. Tadros El-Bakhoumi